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Should Your Child Attend a Service? 

Published: May 17, 2021

funeral homes in Franklin, KY

A death can affect everyone in your immediate circle and in your family, and this means that your children will also be impacted. That is something that can be worrying for parents, especially if they are not sure about how to best help a child who is grieving a loss. One of the questions that people have about this is whether they should take a child to a funeral or memorial service. There are a number of things that directors of funeral homes in Franklin, KY want you to know about this.  


One thing that you want to consider before thinking about your child attending a service is how close they were to the person who died. If they were very close, then attending their service will be able to offer the exact kind of closure that they need. Your child may even ask to go themselves. If you see that they are overwhelmed with the death, you will want to ask them if they want to attend.  


You have to gauge how much your child understands about death. Children who are too young will not really grasp what death is and that can mean that they will not be able to understand what a funeral or memorial service is. When you let the child know about the death, you will want to watch and see if they really comprehend what has happened. That can give you a good idea if they are ready to benefit from attending a service or not. If they seem confused, then it is best to not take them to the service.  


It is also crucial that you ask your child if they want to go. If they say that they do not want to go, you should never force them to do so. This can cause more harm and can make the healing process even more difficult. If your child does want to attend, however, you should certainly let them. Some children even ask to say a few words. Something to remember is to ask your child again on the day of the service if they want to go. Some children change their minds but are unsure of how to let their parents know, so keep that in mind.  


funeral homes in Franklin, KY

Taking a child to a funeral or memorial service is something that can be stressful for parents and that you may be unsure about. To be certain that you can allow your child the closure they need, you want to consider all of the above suggestions. You do not want to force a child to attend a service and you always want to check that your child understands what death is. If you want to know more about taking a child to a service, you can reach out to a Franklin, KY funeral home like us at Cone Funeral Home. We are ready to help you make all of the decisions you need to make after a loss. You can give us a call right now to learn more.  

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