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Choosing Between Funeral Home and Cremations Services in Franklin, KY

Cone Funeral Home is a funeral home and cremations in Franklin, KY. Cone Funeral Home is continuing excellence in funeral home and cremations for more than 10 years now. We promise to treat you and your loved ones with dignity, compassion, and professionalism. Each one of our dedicated staff members is here because they want to provide the same kind of care for your services as they would want for their own. When you work with us we will make sure that your loved one will be in safe hands all the time and will receive a top-notch quality of funeral service and cremations in Franklin, KY. To avail of our top-notch quality service make sure to call us at (270) 904-4201 or you may visit us at 1510 Campbell Ln Bowling Green, KY 42104.

Funeral Home And Cremations In Franklin, Kentucky

The loss of a loved one can be a trying life experience for anyone. When they go, the burden of aftercare needs to be conducted. But for most people, we have little experience doing just that. That’s where the help of a qualified funeral home and cremations services in Franklin, KY, can be a boon of support.

When you work with Cone Funeral Home, our compassionate professionals will help you to understand the options before you. Professional support is beneficial when a loss is sudden, and no pre-arrangements are in place. In such situations, it can be unclear what the deceased would have wanted for themselves. Are general funeral services with burial the best way to go? Or is a memorial service with cremation a better choice?

The answer is, it all depends. The choice mostly comes down to preference and deciding what the deceased most likely would have chosen. In the absence of better information, that’s sometimes the best you can do. There are other methods of disposition and commemoration as well. For a general understanding of funeral home and cremation services in Franklin, KY, there are several points to think about:

Advantages of Cremation:

Funeral Home And Cremations In Franklin, KY

Cremation has come into more common practice in recent decades. In today’s world, it provides options that people increasingly value.

  • Cost: On its own, cremation tends to be less expensive than earth burial. A burial plot is not required, and embalming can be avoided if you’re willing to bury the fallen right away. In today’s world of lower discretionary incomes, cost matters. The needs of the living go on, and saving money is often the wise decision.
  • Memorials: After cremation, no one needs to rush you into holding a commemorative service. If you prefer to delay services to a more convenient time of gathering, you can do so. Memorials differ from funerals in this way because the body of the deceased is not there as the focal point of the service. Instead, the memories are.
  • Earth Friendly: Cremation is said to be easier on the environment because fewer chemical pollutants are put into the earth, such as embalming fluids. Burial caskets are one-time use containers that are often made with valuable resources of hardwood and precious metals. Cremation does not require a casket to be interred.
  • Ashes: Ashes are unique because they allow families to keep a loved one with them if desired. A ceremony of scattering can be held, where loved ones can share a moment together as they return their loved one to the earth in their chosen place. This final goodbye on your own terms can be a treasured moment of reflection, love, and loss.
  • Transportable: In a mobile society that tends to move across state lines and locations over the course of a lifetime, this can be a real benefit.

Advantages of Traditional Burial:

A meaningful funeral service where the body is present can be a powerful way to facilitate healing for those who grieve. Families choose traditional funeral burials when no other option will do.

  • Viewings and Visitations: These services give family and friends the chance to say goodbye to the fallen at a reception held at their passing. Paying respects serves many purposes. If the reality of loss has not settled in on someone, visitation hours can help them come to terms that the person they loved has actually died. This can help them initiate healing and adjustment. Another benefit of viewings is the chance to share grief among those who also knew and loved the person in life. Support in a time of pain is so important.
  • Funeral Gathering: Attending a funeral service for the deceased is an act of love and a show of respect for the fallen and their family. Words of comfort may be spoken, along with a eulogy about the person's life and accomplishments now gone. The chance to remember and internalize things that matter is often part of the experience.
  • Graveside Service: Generally, the service at the grave is a more intimate setting of family and close friends. A few words, a final farewell, and committing the body to the earth for final rest can be poignant and heartfelt. It reminds us that death is a part of life, and the short years of life should be cherished and lived well. The graves fixed location and monuments can be visited again and again.

Complete Funeral and Cremation Support in Franklin, KY

For generations, Cone Funeral Home has helped families lay their loved ones down with the care and respect they deserve. It’s a privilege for us to support our community through the work we do, and we feel the weight of that responsibility. When the need for funeral and cremation services in Franklin, KY, contact us to help. You’ll find us at 1510 Campbell Ln, Bowling Green, KY 42104. Call today for a conversation at (270) 904-4201.


How much does funeral cost?

The average funeral costs between $7,000 and $12,000. This includes viewing and burial, basic service fees, transporting remains to a funeral home, a casket, embalming, and other preparation. The average cost of a funeral with cremation is $6,000 to $7,000. Learn More.

What to do when death occurs?

Get a legal pronouncement of death.

Tell friends and family.

Find out about existing funeral and burial plans.

Make funeral, burial or cremation arrangements.

Secure the property.

Provide care for pets.

Forward mail.

Notify your family member's employer.

Learn More.

Do funerals help grieving process?

Funerals allow grieving individuals to say their final goodbyes and commiserate with family members. People share stories, cry, comfort each other, offer support, etc. This community grieving process is an important step towards healing. It ensures individuals don't feel alone in their pain. Learn More.

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