Record Your Wishes

Record Your Wishes

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There are many benefits to end-of-life planning. Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider making your funeral arrangements ahead of time:

  • Funeral pre-planning is the responsible thing to do because It removes the burden from family members. 
  • It means there will be fewer opportunities for argument and indecision about your funeral arrangements among family members after you're gone. 
  • Your survivors will never have to worry about doing the wrong thing when finalizing your funeral arrangements. You will have told them exactly what you want.
  • There will be no mistakes or oversights after you're gone. Everything will be done your way.
  • You have peace-of-mind now knowing your wishes will be followed. 
  • After your death, no one can make any decisions you wouldn't want.
  • You can make complex decisions ahead of time when you have the time to think things through.
  • Funeral pre-planning can involve pre-payment. This will save your family money and avoid any financial burdens.
  • Funeral pre-planning involves an awareness of the reality of death.
  • You are guaranteed to get what you want.

Get It Done...and Then Relax

End-of-life planning makes sense.

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